marco gotti saxes
renzo vigagni synthetizer
Titta nesti vocal art
Renate Gujan djembe

just alpin. walkin’ on fire. alone with the mountains or blocked in the highway of modern high-speed-life the indirect solar rays from the moon are obscured from the shadow of the earth … Adolf Wölfli had to discover his artistic aura internated in a psychiatric hospital. He wrote 25.000 pages of words, pictures and music … doctors has declarated him crazy … he was lookin´for a fatherless child … you remember when you play in the forest, afraid of the unknown man, and your mother says: keep away? … but his eyes were smiling … you are burning, inside … the ritual let you see an end of darkness, you can do it, you had to do it! Inititiation … cry and speak for canceling your brain walk on the fire! you have to pull up something to heavy for you? … use the crick! … the crystals of snow are leavin´ now there structures have different articulations … like the strange forms of love! the father is gone a fine light opens the border between IN and OUT.

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